Published: Sunday, 08 November 2020


Malawi Foreign Minister commits to speeding up the ratification of AU legal instruments

Consultations on the ratification of African Union (AU) legal instruments took centre stage on Sunday when the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) delegation met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malawi, Hon. Eisenhower Mkaka M.P. 

The Minister, responsible for the domestication of International Protocols and Treaties, pledged to ensure that outstanding ratifications of AU instruments are expedited. He announced that Malawi had recently ratified the Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), and the country will now focus on the PAP Protocol and give it the attention it merits.

 “Malawi is committed to the ideals of the African Union and believes that unity among Africans is crucial in achieving the Africa we want. This is well articulated in the PAP’s slogan ‘One Africa, One Voice.’ It is precisely for this that the PAP needs to be given the legislative mandate it requires to effectively represent the citizens of Africa. The government of Malawi heeds the call and will soon ratify the Protocol to the constitutive act of the African Union relating to the PAP,” says Hon. Mkaka

Hon. Djamel Bouras, Acting President of the PAP expressed, on behalf of his delegation, gratitude to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his commitment to accelerate the ratification of the PAP Protocol and other AU instruments. Hon. Djamel also appealed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to become PAP’s Ambassador and champion the ratification of AU legal in the Southern African region. The Minister has accepted the role.

“We appreciate the diplomatic influence the Republic of Malawi and we are confident that the country will be an ideal ally in leading an advocacy campaign for the ratification of the AU instruments including the PAP Protocol. Africa needs to harness its potential especially for future generations. The ratification and domestication of AU Protocols and Treaties is an important step in achieving the development of our continent. The PAP will be in a better position to facilitate this process once its Protocol is ratified by at least 28 AU member states. We are thrilled that Malawi, through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has accepted to accompany us in this process.” Said Hon. Djamel.

The PAP delegation is on a five-day visit to Malawi and is still expected to meet with H.E. Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi; Rt. Honourable Catherine Gotani Hara, Speaker of the Parliament of Malawi; and the Minister of Justice.